Why Digiकul's SRP ?

The whole purpose of Digiकul's SRP is to record each information related to working of your organization such as registrations, payment details of students, along with every detail of teachers. You can also plan out time-table, your class-schedules for a period.

Along with this, Digiकul's SRP provides you the facility of maintaining records related to your daily monetary transactions such as student fees records, teacher's payment records, loan/advances to employees as well as records related to Bus operations, Library, Payroll, Infirmary, Front-Office and amazingly, all this under one Platform – Digiकul's SRP.

Digiकul's SRP provides you Data Security Feature with minimum user level Access Control. You may view various reports for smooth functioning and standardization of all system activities taking place inside your Institution.

Student's Problem!

  • Multi-user system
  • Collaborate beyond classrooms
  • Connect multiple departments & campuses
  • Complete automation for smarter decisions
  • Anywhere access right from your palm
  • Ensure transparency and ease processes

Teachers Benefits

  • Simple Grade & Marks Management System
  • Attendance Automation for Students As Well As Employees
  • Automation Leads To Core Job – Teaching Only
  • Analytical Reports To Assess Him/Herself Better
  • Graphical Reports To Understand Them Better
  • Quality Interaction With Parents & Students

Students'/Parents' Benefits

  • E-Homework Facility
  • Timely SMS or/and E-Mails Regarding Fee Bill etc.
  • Graphical Reports To Understand Them Better
  • SMS on Ward Moving In/Going Out of the School
  • E-Purse Facility For Students Makes Parents Hassle-Free
  • Control Over Ward As Well As School

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